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Default Re: Xorg 7.3 Segfault with nvidia

I know this post is a bit old but do you still get SEG-11 faults when building stuff?

If so I just went thru that myself. I have a AMD 2400 machine. It was overclocked a bit before i bought it. Fair enough the seller warned me. Took it home, fired up 6.2 install and installed everything complete with my nvidia-driver from the ports.

The segmentation faults started when I added my "nvidia 8600gts" and tried to get nv to load. Had issues so I came here and downloaded a driver. I changed to the untarred file directory and typed "make install" like the README says.

The faults started immediately. Never actually stopped in the same place even if I just kept running the "make install" command sequence. It would fail on this line or that and actually once it built successfully. I took the cover off my computer and fired it up again. This time it built perfectly.

That told me I had a hardware issue and the issue was likely the result of the overclock. So what I'm trying to say is segmentation faults show up when the system is under a load like when we are make installing or drivers. Either there is a problem with the hardware or it's overheating.

Usually it will happen regardless of what you are building and hardware issues are a bugger to find.

Hope that helps here.
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