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Unhappy Sad, sad news

The replacement card I received is a new card with a slightly bigger heatsink on the GPU. The RAM is still the same 3.5ns EtronTech EM658160TS chips. So how did this all play out?

I plugged the card into a friends Pentium 4 system and I get multicolored, vertical stripes as soon as the monitor clicks on. Not good. I figure the board needs a CMOS reset so out comes the power cord and battery. 10 minutes later, same results. Grrrrr. Mind you, BattleFiled 1942 comes out in 4 days and I want to play it bad.

So I move the card to my Athlon XP system, power up the system and huh? The system won't even boot. No beeps, no BIOS, no video at all. Well, the usual slew of explitives comes out cuz I can't believe what I am seeing(or not seeing). So the reliable TNT2 Ultra comes off the dusty shelf and what do you know? Both systems power-up fine.

My replacement card is a POS. I'm looking at a sticker that says "QC-14 OK." Yeah, I think this card skipped right past Quality Control and into a carton. I'm sorry folks, but I am not at all happy with Gainward right now. I talked to my vendor and asked for another brand of Ti4200 and it looks like I will have to spend more dough on a 128MB version since he only stocks one type of 64MB cards.

FYI, the GPU is an A3 revision.

No more Gainward products for me.
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