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Default Re: So it seems that UT3 & Crysis have'nt sold well....

Originally Posted by Noriega
What "antal" and omsattning mean?

Magnus this game will sell milions for sure. And maybe you don't know but WoW is biggest cash-making game ever and there is any game on next gens that can compare to WoW sell So stop fighting for consoles and go play.
"antal" = numbers, or units, how many copies sold in this case.
"omsättning" = how much money this would represent.

Well theres a good reason I didnt buy Crysis, My puter can't handle it, Ill however buy it when my puter is up to speed.

U3 I dunno, ive not bought that one yet either and when I saw it in stores i was shocked, I had no forewarning from magazines or anything. So maybe bad marketing is to blame
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