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Default Re: Got my TV Professionally Calibrated. WOW!

I'm in the UK so the models and menus may be different to NA.

I have 2 Sony LCDs. One of my TVs is about 12 months old (i.e. when the model was released) and I got it about 9 months ago (46" 1080p model). The other is about 18 months old and I got it 12 months ago (40" 720p). They have roughly the same menu system, with numbers.

Its a blue background system with white text overlaid and solid orange bars that fill up. Looks much nicer than the old green bars that I think you're talkin about with no numbers.

When I check it I think it looks best with the Sharpness set to Min on HD content. I haven't checked with a DVE test pattern or anything. If you start to raise the sharpness you can start to see solid white edges being added to the picture. You don't really start to get artifacts in the surrounding image until about 10-15.

Maybe they removed that 'negative-sharpness' part of the scale on these models.
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