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Default Guitar Hero III PC

I'm debating getting this for teh wifey, but I have a few things holding me back.

Do the 360 controllers work on the PC version?

The box recommended specs are Core 2 or AMD 4400x2 and a 8800 card. Would my HTPC (sig) be able to run it properly?
The PC version has been criticized for having very high system requirements, but still suffering from lag and slowdowns, even on high-end systems with the graphics tuned down to a minimum,[57] supposedly due to the PC version being a near-direct port of the Xbox 360 version.

My 360 is connected to the same LCD as my HTPC, so which version would be best to get? I'm going on the idea that the PC version will be modable (at some point) and many custom songs could become available.
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