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Default Re: So it seems that UT3 & Crysis have'nt sold well....

So a game that cut off an entire level of an ending to get it to the market on time, coded horribly, and can't run decent on even a quad sli 8800 ultra rig sells poorly, a demo which demonstrated this poor performance also came out ahead of the game.

A second game, which runs well, but looks like ass and plays as stale as Zeldafans tronies after a weekend of ocarina of time also sells poorly.

Hmm...pc gaming is dying or developers are killing it?

It's been proven over and over, make a solid all around game and you will have solid all around sales.

Make a sh*tty port (ut3) or a pc exclusive (crysis) that cant even run on the highest-end pc and yeah, gernally that would mean low sales.

What are people suppose to do? Flock to a game they cant run and a game they've played 4 times already, with slightly updated graphics.

Sick of pirating always being the "culprit".

If developers would make something worth $50 people would pay it.
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