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Default Re: Guitar Hero III PC

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
I wouldn't count on it being modable.

Not all PC games are. Plus, every review I have read says that its a crappy port anyway. I was thinking of getting it but it just sounds like it'd suck. I've also read that they give you an older version of the guitar. Probably the one from GH2 rather than GH3 (which is retarded).

If I had a 360 I would just get it for that. If it ever becomes modable or for some reason they decide to patch it so it runs better on PC, you can always get it later and you'll already have a good guitar.
Some good points.

I was just wondering if some on the forum may have it and could give some feedback. The one review I looked at was gamespy which they said a Core2, 2gb, 8800 system suffered from stutters during the beginning of the song. They didn't go into more detail on the system such as OS or anything. I'm wondering if they used Vista perhaps and the game may run a bit better under XP?

The guitar is the wired one you get with GH2 from the 360. You can enable the GH3 wireless one, I think you need the wireless adapter for PC though.

I guess if I get it, I might as well put out the extra $20 and get the 360 version with wireless. I was hoping the PC version would be good though and that I could add in unofficial songs down the road through a mod or something cause the wife doesn't care for a lot of the ones that come with it.
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