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Default Re: Crysis Screenshot Thread

Originally Posted by einstein_314
He clearly said that he had to disable texture streaming for the editor picture because it would crash the editor otherwise. That is why the rocks don't have sharp textures.
I know what he said and quit frankly I dont give a **** because all he brags about is how much better the editor pic looks when in fact it looks worse than the first pic as a whole because of the blurry rocks which imo do not just need to be ignored when it clearly has such a negative impact on the visuals.

And if you guys could maybe learn how to read you will notice where I already said this-

Originally Posted by SlickRig

Im sure the editor pic has less jaggies than the first pic (if you examine it with a microscope) but the fact is that you have so much AA enabled in the first pic that the jaggies are not even that apparent to begin with.
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