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Default Re: So it seems that UT3 & Crysis have'nt sold well....

Originally Posted by jAkUp
Like System Shock? Or Thief? Or any number of other great games that were killed off because of poor sales?
Those were quiet titles with little to no advertising or hype. Word of mouth is what got either of those games to sell at all.

Consoles have their ico's and shadow colossus's of the world.

Hell, even FF 12 sold horrible in the states on ps2. Guess that means console games are being pirated to death too!!!!

This is the cycle. All the big, famous people, like EA put out a half assed title with lots of build-up and hype, then some little guy with an actual decent game makes something like system shock, but has no credibility as a developer, has no money for advertising but does have a damn good game.

Jakup, I know your prolly the most biased gamer for pc's. Even YOU have to admit, Unreal Tournament 3 was a HUGE disappointment.

Say what you want about Crysis and graphics, obviously a man with 3-way Sli wants graphics, so crysis can be justified for you by it's looks, I can accept that.

But Ut3? The revamped, much worse version of onslaught, or warfare or whatever that fading memory is that used to be fun in 2k4....the 6 map arsenal of ctf levels, I mean, where's the selling point? I know people who stole the game, just downloaded it off a torrent and STILL deleted it and were disappointed.

That's pretty rough, when your disappointed by something you didn't even pay for.

I'm not saying stealing it is right cause it sucks - by no means is it.

My point is if freeloaders think it's garbage, why would an honest man...or woman want to plunk down $55 on it?

The biggest difference is you claimed system shock and other great games to die because of low sales.

Biased or not, the fact remains, crysis and ut3 aren't great games...
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