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Default Re: Draw distance really sucks... do this! *pics included*

Sorry guys for beeing unspecific here. You create a file called system.cfg and open it with notepad, there you just paste the settings i provided and save it in the crysis main folder and thats it...

Agenkay, all 4 pictures where taken at Veryhigh settings, you can see from the colorgrading for example. Only thing that is changed is the config with those settings in it. And ofcourse there is performance impact when using this config, there is pretty much more grass, bushes, stones, trees and stuff to render, i also changed some LOD settings so furhter away objects and stuff have greater quality, also the distance sprites are pushed away even further away and the sprite quality is cranked up lol...

I cant really say how much this will impact on the performance, try it out and report back here
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