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Default Re: Draw distance really sucks... do this! *pics included*

Originally Posted by agentkay

Gaco's 1.01 config is the way to go, but you have to add following settings to archieve the same quality as DX10 on veryhigh:

r_MotionBlur = 4 (object-based blur, there is a value "3" but apparently it works only in DX10)
r_DepthOfField = 2 (background mountains blur sightly)

And finally you have to force "veryhigh" shadows because the configs' shadows are only on "high".
Is that everything? What about colorgrading, sunrays and water?

Also i like high shadows better than the veryhigh ones.. the veryhigh ones are too washed out. I like them more chrispy...

Oh and i cant decide witch i like better, with colorgrading or without it... Whats your opinion agentkay?
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