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Default End it the end for some?

I have to laugh.

My bf and I both play wow.
Hes been a lot more dedicated than I have and got his fire mage to level 70 yesterday.
Today he turned around to me and said that he just doesnt really feel like playing now that he has got his toon to 70! Hahaha

It took him 3 months to get there.

Has this happened to anyone else?
You spend all that time getting to 70 and then you just turn around and say
"Well I got what?"
"Shall I go defend Hillsbrad foothills or STV"
"Shall I start another toon now....."

Maybe thats why I have 5 diff toons all in various stages of levelling...because Im not sure that I ever want to get there.

Is most of the fun the journey to get there?
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