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Default Re: Equipping pistol reveals hidden uber vegetation AA!! WTF?????

Originally Posted by m3dude
5 to 7 fps from what amount? what was ur before and after fps? just post 2 comparison shots with fraps. it looks exactly like supersampling transparency aa btw. im almost sure thats exactly what it is. either that or its a mildly downsized pic. but its 1 of the 2
Nothing is downsized you moron, watch the movie... i had 27 fps without the pistol and 23 fps with it.. I have no supersample settings set in the nvidia control panel...

Btw, these following pics where taken at 1920x1440 and was downsized normally to 1280x960 witch is my current resolution. No editor or e_screenshot 1 trick here;

Pure ingame shots close to those real downsized ones my wallpapers has;

So i think you where wrong after all m3, it IS possible to accive the same look as in my wallpapers, so they are basically ingame. My new invented "pistolAA" as i wanna call it really takes crysis graphics to a new level!

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