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Default Re: Finally, 3GHz!!! lol

Originally Posted by crainger
Jealous Redeemed has sides on his case?

I know I am. I'm green with jealous rage right now.
Now, now little fella- it's okay...

Originally Posted by 911medic
Damn, that's nice! What are your ambient temps? We have the same card, and mine idles at about 61C. That dust is obviously not hurting your cooling any!
lol- surprisingly!

And I forgot to get the canned air today. I'll try to get some tomorrow.

Yeah, my temps on this GTS are crazy low. I think having it low like that where all the cool air is really helps. I have a 140mm fan in the front of my tower as intake and a 250mm fan on the side panel for intake as well, then dual high-CFM 80mm's on the rear as exhaust. Works nicely.

As for my ambient temps- not scorching so that definitely contributes. Lowest it gets in my room is usually around 40*F at night. If we can get a good fire going in the evening and have it going strong most the night it actually stays right around 55-64*F in my room. Temps for my rig doesn't really change much though with or without the fire, as odd as that might seem.
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