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Default Re: 169.25 + Vista SP1 RC + SLI = DX10 goodness :)

Originally Posted by Nanosuitguy
Wow that is amazing... can you try how it performs in 1650x1080 with 4xAA enabled with every setting on Veryhigh please?
It's very glitchy with AA. It's shows good FPS but it's not too smooth. Also if I set AA, play the game a bit and then disable it the FPS drops to about 8FPS. I have to close and restart the game to get it smooth again.

I was playing the zero-gravity bit last night and to looked AMAZING. 50FPS most of the way too. Very high shaders makes a hell of a difference. I was going to post some screenshots but my internetz was down. I'll post em tonight when I get home from work.

Also i'm gonna try setting AA in the CP to see if that helps. I'll report back on that too
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