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Default Re: Crysis Screenshot Thread

Originally Posted by m3dude
wasnt a 100% lie? so u didnt post that it was a "RAW INGAME SHOT WITH 16XQ AA"? you are completely pathetic. you dont know **** and ive proven u wrong or caught u in a lie every time uve opened ur mouth.
Fking idiot, i told you twise but you dont listen, I TAKE THAT BACK i said, its NOT RAW INGAME SHOT! ITS IN-ENGINE! But that belongs to the past now, doesnt matter anymore, all my wallpapers are ingame and that quality and level of AA is possible thanks to the "pistolAA" trick...

Here follows some ingame pictures taken with pistolAA in 1920x1440 and are naturally downsized to 1280x960;

Can you please stop bitching about this now? I've proven you wrong, it IS possible to achive the same quality and details ingame as in my wallpapers and this discussion can end now...
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