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Default Re: Got my TV Professionally Calibrated. WOW!

I got my 50" panasonic plasma hooked up yesterday. Looks phenomenal. I backed down a lot of the color/brigghtness settings as they come all vivid and as npras said, people looked all oompa loompa.

I did a pseudo calibration using owner settings from the AVS forum and then tweaked it watching finding nemo and then watching bourne supremecy and got a good balance between the exaggerated colors pixar uses and natural colors of the real world movies.

I've had the TV doing the burn in (it's a plasma thing) for about 15 hours so far. I'm going to let it run during the day while we're at work and while we sleep for a week (trying to hit the recommended 100 hour mark) and then tweak the settings again.

Luckly for me, the panny plasmas all seem to be pretty uniform when it comes to the panels looking the same, as in, the owners all seem to end up pretty much with the same color settings so there are a few guys who have had professional calibrators tune their TV's and the folks using these settings seem to like them the best and that's more or less where my settings ended up after about 20 minutes of tweaking the colors.
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