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Default Re: Gothic 4 First Screens Revealed ?

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
I agree.

Played the first 2 games and it was like they designed the games with the intent of making gamers commit suicide.

Extremely frustrating as well as glitchy.

Lots of promise, a very cool game world, very original concept... but I'm just not enough of a masochist to play all the way through a game like that.

Hopefully a new developer can fix all the irritating crap that everyone complained about through all 3 of the games. Piranha Bytes brought this on themselves by doing such a shoddy job in the "playability" department and never fixing any problems from one game to the next.

1st 2 games had perfect controlls for me.
I hate diablo style CLICK CLICK LCICK CLICKCKCKLCICKLC endless mouse clicks controlls. I love Gothic 2

Also Gothic 3 Sucked balls
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