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Default Re: Crysis Screenshot Thread

Originally Posted by m3dude
u only tried to take it back after i proved u were full of it. u lied, period. no way to backtrack now. and if your pistol aa trick works, post the screens at 1920x1440, and not downsized, with fraps on so we can see it in effect. and do it in a part of the single player campaign, not some empty map made to boost your fps higher so u can try and get across your lies.
So you are still stuck honey? What is your problem, i finallly proved you where wrong and i was right. That belongs to the past you little dickdhead, i can make pics that looks like my wallpapers that is 100% ingame. There is no real difference in performance when i run the game on the island level. And why would i post them in 1920x1440? My screen isn't that big, and it gets downsized naturally ingame when i run at that resolution on my 19" screen. I already posted the first pictures in the real resolution 1280x nothing downsized.You must be stupid or something, watch my vid.. shows it working in motion. Haha and you say i am full of it. Youre full of it moron...
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