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Default Re: Equipping pistol reveals hidden uber vegetation AA!! WTF?????

Originally Posted by m3dude
no, your pistol aa is simply you downsizing the pic or adding ss transparency aa. u can sit here and make retarded posts all u want. anyone with half a brain knows you are full of ****. and downsizing a pic from 1920x1440 to 1280x960 is going to add quite a bit of full on supersample aa. so again not representative of ingame.
Haha you little fag, youre so damn stupid.. so very damn stupid. Are you 10 years old or what? WATCH THE DAMN MOVIE! and you will see this is not a lie. When i run the game at 1920x1440 IT AUTOMATICALLY RESIZE THE SCENE TO 1280x960 you fking stupid pice of *****... So when raising the resolution ingame makes everything more detailed and less jaggied , thats one of the most basic things when it comes to gaming and something everyone is supposed to know.. Lol youre so damn stupid kid so i will have to teach you it then;

Resolution: This setting allows you to select the resolution of the game image, measured in pixels wide by pixels high. The higher the resolution, the more detailed the image on screen, and also the less jagged lines there will be, but the lower your performance.

Is that so hard to understand?
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