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Default Re: Equipping pistol reveals hidden uber vegetation AA!! WTF?????

You two dont understand right?


Display resolution, often simply called Resolution, refers to the total amount of visual information on a display screen. In computer graphics, the smallest unit of graphical information is called a Pixel - a small dot with a particular color and brightness. Every computer image on your screen is a pixellated sample of the original 3D information contained in your graphics card, because that is how it winds up being displayed on a monitor. When you change the resolution in a game, you are telling the game to provide more or less pixels, and hence more or less samples of that original information for your system to process and display on screen. In general the higher the resolution, the clearer and better the image will look, but the more effort this will take for your system to draw all this information, resulting in lower FPS.

The resolution setting in a game or in Windows tells you precisely how many pixels are used to display an image. Resolution is typically shown in pixel width x pixel height format. So a game running at '1280x1024' resolution for example means there are 1,280 x 1,024 = 1,310,720 pixels in total on the screen making up the image. This value can also be expressed in Megapixels (millions of pixels), which in this example would be around 1.3 megapixels. The human eye takes all these pixels and at a reasonable distance perceives them as a single smooth image, much like looking at an image in a newspaper from a distance as opposed to close up.

You still dont get it? When playing on a higher resolution eveything gets more detailed and less jaggied. You must have a brain damage or something. How can 1920x1440 fit on my 19 inch screen? It can technically but not practically because my monitor is not big enough, when taking a screenshot in 1920x1440 the res will be the same, but it wont be that big when running on my screen. Resolution changs to 1280x960 for the visual on the monitor it gets downsized, compressed in a way, so you dont think 1920x1440 will look better than 1280x960? Running in 1920x1440 will have the same effect on my screen as taking a 1920x1440 image and downsize it to 1280x960. I.e will look smoother, more detailed and less jaggied then if running directly on 1280x960. Einsten is the only one dumb enough to agree with you. Stop making a damn fool out of yourself...
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