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Default Re: Equipping pistol reveals hidden uber vegetation AA!! WTF?????

Originally Posted by einstein_314
It is you who is the idiot. You're making no sense. Lets see if I'm getting this right. You think that you have Crysis running at 1920x1440. So it renders it at that and then downsizes it and sends it to your monitor to display at 1280x960? That isn't how things work. Whatever is being displayed on your monitor is what is being rendered. There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Do you have an LCD? If so, you shouldn't be able to set the resolution above it's native res (1280x960?).
If you learn to read you stupid pig you would have seen i said it does it in a kind of way. It doesn't technically change the resolution, it will only look like that when comparing to a picture...

Originally Posted by m3dude
he probably has a crt and doesnt know enough about how they work. he thinks the monitor is automatically downsizing games to 1 standard resolution(in this case 1280x960). hes pretty ignorant.
i have a crt yes... you dont read either. Read my post of what i wrote to einsten and you see what i mean. But this will be my last reply to you. Ive been patient but enough is enough! I dont wanna waste more time on idiots like you. Ive hear pretty many here have put you on the ignore list, so i think i will follow their example...

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
In before the lock.
Why would we lock this thread? A better thing would be to ban m3 so this pointless discussion can end... He doesn't understand what i mean anyway.. just confusing everything up. This is not what this thread is about, lets stay OT!
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