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Default Re: Equipping pistol reveals hidden uber vegetation AA!! WTF?????

Originally Posted by Nanosuitguy
If you learn to read you stupid pig you would have seen i said it does it in a kind of way. It doesn't technically change the resolution, it will only look like that when comparing to a picture...

i have a crt yes... you dont read either. Read my post of what i wrote to einsten and you see what i mean. But this will be my last reply to you. Ive been patient but enough is enough! I dont wanna waste more time on idiots like you. Ive hear pretty many here have put you on the ignore list, so i think i will follow their example...

Why would we lock this thread? A better thing would be to ban m3 so this pointless discussion can end... He doesn't understand what i mean anyway.. just confusing everything up. This is not what this thread is about, lets stay OT!
Is this the part you want me to read?

You still dont get it? When playing on a higher resolution eveything gets more detailed and less jaggied. You must have a brain damage or something. How can 1920x1440 fit on my 19 inch screen? It can technically but not practically because my monitor is not big enough, when taking a screenshot in 1920x1440 the res will be the same, but it wont be that big when running on my screen. Resolution changs to 1280x960 for the visual on the monitor it gets downsized, compressed in a way, so you dont think 1920x1440 will look better than 1280x960? Running in 1920x1440 will have the same effect on my screen as taking a 1920x1440 image and downsize it to 1280x960. I.e will look smoother, more detailed and less jaggied then if running directly on 1280x960. Einsten is the only one dumb enough to agree with you. Stop making a damn fool out of yourself...
If it is, go back to grade 7 and learn how to write and describe something. Ok so you have a 19" CRT that can "technically" display 1920x1440 but can only "practically" display 1280x960. So are you saying that it can and will run at 1920x1440 but it doesn't look good because your monitor is only a 19" and everything is too small? So you run it at 1280x960 because it looks better? Is that what you mean by "practically"?

If so, I still don't understand what you mean by you're running the game at 1920x1440 and it's downsizing to 1280x960. How are you doing this? What do you have your resolution set to in display properties? 1280x960? And what about in Crysis? Whatever your setting is in Crysis is what the game is playing at. It's not being resized. That's what the resolution is.

Forgive me for not understanding. I'm trying to be the bigger person by ignoring your blatent insults and apparent lack of willingness to explain clearly. I'm not trying to insult you or your intelligence. I'm just trying to understand what you're saying.
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