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Default Re: Equipping pistol reveals hidden uber vegetation AA!! WTF?????

Originally Posted by einstein_314
Forgive me for not understanding. I'm trying to be the bigger person by ignoring your blatent insults and apparent lack of willingness to explain clearly. I'm not trying to insult you or your intelligence. I'm just trying to understand what you're saying.
I'm reading it the same way you are, that Nano believes that his monitor is automatically downscaling images from one resolution to another.

I can semi see his point. It's true that with CRTs, the resolution generally gets to a point where details don't get any finer due to the natual blurring of those inaccurate electron guns, meaning there is no visual difference between certain resolutions other than that everything gets a bit smaller. To make an analogy of it, it's like increasing the screen res when you're looking at the screen with your glasses off, so that although the resolution is getting higher with every increment, the improvement is inperceivable becuase your eyesight isn't good enough.

What he seems to be getting at is that at 1280*960, the onscreen image is as sharp as it can get. Although the monitor can display higher resolutions, it can't do it sharply enough to make any visual difference, so running at the res of 1920*1440 looks the same as 1280*960 in terms of sharpness, but with the difference being that the extra pixels become, in effect, oversampled pixels, aiding the smoothness of the visuals, though not the sharpness.

I believe that the other thing he is getting at is that you are an idiot with brain damage. Nano, if you're reading, you've really got to think before you write on these here forums. If people can't understand, it usually means it's your fault for not making things clear enough. We're all technical people here, you needn't dumb things down or anything, but in future, if you've got something to explain that's kind-of complicated or fairly unique, you'll find it will really help people to understand if you use an analogy that they can relate to. There's no need to get frustrated with them, but when you do, think about it - these are all very intelligent people. If they can't get it, is it really their fault, or yours?
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