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Default Re: Equipping pistol reveals hidden uber vegetation AA!! WTF?????

Originally Posted by dxx
Good post there, it explains what i tried to say. Well anyway it was wrong to say that it downsize my resolution because it dont. It only gives me the the same effect as if i would take a big picture and downsize it. In other words i get more details and less jagginess by increasing the resolution. However this wasn't really the thing this was all about, it started by m3 telling there wasn't possible to get the same look as in my wallpapers as ingame. But now i proven him wrong by posting pictures that is downsized from 1920x1440 to 1280x960 (witch present the quality i get on my monitor ingame at that high resolution) and that uses the pistolAA trick... I get really high quality and i cant see the jagginess on the vegetation anymore. So i guess i finally was right after all... Unless he can prove i am wrong, witch i am not...
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