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Default Re: Equipping pistol reveals hidden uber vegetation AA!! WTF?????

Originally Posted by skank
Nanosuitguy: You need to re-read and COMPREHEND this paragraph by m3dude.
Hes on the ignore list... so i cant lol. Anyway that has really nothing to do with what this all began with. Ive already proven my point and he can say what he want. My wallpapers do reprecent the ingame quality of crysis (with the exeption of just a few)

So now the mods can close this thread if they want. But before that i just wanted to post two pictures comparing the imagequality between a picture that is taken with the editor at 4200x3000 and then downsized to 1220x900 and an ingame picture taken at 1920x1440 with pistolAA and then downsized to the same. Here is the proof that i am right and that silly m3 can go and screw himself; - ingame, pistolAA - e_screenshot 1, editor

As you can see they look almost exaktly the same, u cant really tell any difference in quality and anti-aliasing...
So i was right after all. Pictures showed it just now, if you dont believe me then too bad. I dont fake pictures.
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