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Default Re: Who is still playing Battlefield 2?

Install it for the weapon loadout. I'm not sure if it still applies or not but I believe in order to get some of the other weapons in regular BF2 you have to sign into SF at least once to be able to unlock them. Seems to me you get 2 unlocks as soon as you sign into SF as well. (If you like sniping then use them to get the L96 as it's the only decent sniper rifle in the game. You can spam some of the stock ones to get kills, but even the barret is nurfed and it's hard to get 1 shot kills. The L96 though is a lot easier to use.)

Personally, I wouldn't pick the game up if you don't have it by now. A lot of the players have left with the games that have come out, and BF2 has some really annoying issues. (Hitbox detection, no true widescreen support, messes with my mouse and with my audio, etc) The game itself is a fun concept, but I find it really annoying when you need a whole clip and your pistol to take people down.
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