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Default Bad FPS in BattleField 2 with 7900GT

I'm having a hard time getting acceptable FPS in singleplayer BF2 on my machine. It stutters even at 800x600 resolution with all graphics and sound options at medium and no AA. Note that this in standard singleplayer with 16 bots, so it's not a question of network lag. At 800x600 resolution I experience occasional low fps during play (it's as if the whole game hangs for a second), but it's more or less constant at higher resolutions.

My PC is a Dell Dimension 8400 w/integrated sound chip
CPU: P4 3,2Ghz
Ram: 3GB 533Mzh memory
Video Card: Point of View 7900GT stock clocked
Hdd: 320 GB Sata 1 drive
PSU: Standard Dell 350w supply
OS: Win Xp home

I've tried normal maintenance stuff (defrag etc), disabling HyperThreading, cleaning out old drivers with drivercleaner and reinstalling new drivers. Normally I'd suspect the PSU, but it seems Dell installs quality supplies and rates them conservatively, so I'm not convinced that's the problem. It runs other games acceptably too (Thief - deadly shadows for example). BF2 ran like a dream on the 7900GT at 1280x1024 on my other computer, a E6600 based selfbuild. Maybe I'm CPU limited with the P4 here?

So, does anyone else here have a similar system? And in that case, how does BF2 run on it?
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