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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

THX for the shots sillyeagle

Wow that is bad....looks like something from pre fs2002!

I really cant understand why they take the time to model and skin a good exterior and the make such a bad job on the VC????? its like gift wrapping a box of ****.....

Originally Posted by SJA06
Yes some great shots omzig - I'm quite tempted by some more megasceneryX myself, I already have Hawaii which is stunning and the others look just as good, if a bit arid.

I also looking forward to a bit of Beaver action this Christmas from my mum no less .... well she's got me the AeroSoft package for my pressie - can't wait.
Ha i had to re-read that second section twice

Yep its a nice plane the aero beaver great for UTX canada and lake hopping,be sure to RTFM though as there are a few cool things you can tweak on it & while it works under DX10 i Pre-view(lame) i dont think its 100% dx10 compatible as the Mounted GPS doesnt show at night and neither does the backlighting on the gauges i hope aero get around to patching it but i dout they'll (like most 3rd partys it seems)bother

ive been reading the massive thread over at AVsim about sp2/dx10 and it seems 3rd party dev's are'nt to happy with aces for changing the gameplan
via a service pack Sp2 it seems breaks more things than it fixes!

As for MSX vegas yep the desert region is really nice lots of detail in the 1mpp texture but i think the autogen placement under default FSX is better,i guess if the texture renderer in sp1/2 wasnt broken you could get the same detail desert wise using tileproxy or fs earthtiles

I got the dallas/fortworth MSX pack coming soon(later today i hope)so i'll grab some shots of that although it does look a little flat from the website screenies!

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