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I hope the Barton has a heat spreader. Even with a monster Volcano 7+ that I have on my processor this XP 2100+ still runs hot. I've not had any problems from it yet, but I keep the fan on the heatsink running around 6500RPMs to keep the processor at 117 F during heavy gameplay. I even have an external fan sitting beside my case blowing air over the video card, and my heatsink and fan on the processor to keep this video card from frying itself.


As for the FSB speeds. I still use an A7M266 with my XP 2100+ and it works great. Runs better than what I thought it would, and I never have to turn down graphical options. Now, think of all the people that have motherboards that are, or are like the A7A266 or the A7M266. If you moved to a 166FSB that would upset those people very much, and me because the motherboards we have still have a lot of life left in them.
When the Barton is available I hope to see a 166FSB, but not on the .13micron XP's. That way I may be able to upgrade one more time before having to switch to a new motherboard to get the Barton, and I could wait longer for a higher speed Barton, and also for the motherboard manufacturers to work out all the glitches with the first release of motherboards.
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