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Default Re: I am getting so tired of pests online

That's the thing though... People like that really sap the fun out of it. Need to buy or sell, nope. Need to chat with people hmph. Hell that's the sort of thing that would get people kicked off almost any IRC server out there; as mods would seldom tollerate it to the degree that it totally disrupsts and destroys any possiblility of chat. Or they'd send people over to their own private channel and tell the to go do it there.

I guess what makes it all worse, is in the midst of all this (and this gets way beyond the worst I ever saw in Barrens chat while seeing horde); is all around this time, you know, I will never know if that random level 2 that first looked to be a spam bot (as I heard nothing before a random party invite), and then perhaps a begger? might or might not have been Gilthanas trying to get back together again.

If it was, then I see absolutely nothing even remotely fair in being expected to recognize some lvl 2 character, just created "as me". It would suggest he's operating under the impression we're seeing each other "face to face", and can not even remotely fathom the difference between that vs. comming up to friends on some random character. Then again, maybe something was said, though nothing caught my eye with the rather loose attention I tend to pay attention to chat in town; because I'm normally tuneing this sort of thing (until it gets as bad as the murloc bit which becomes impossible to ignore anymore) out. Perhaps in the midst of trade chat scrolling constantly, auctioneer advanced putting 5 line messages on my screen as I checked prices (full scans of AH broaken on the version I have for 2.3, though might have since been fixed), and with every auction posted, I might have missed something.

But he'll neither no, nor accept any of this. Because if that happened, he has it so firmly rooted in mind "I know otherwise, because I recognize you"; that this is somehow held as some absolute standard of truth, for which anything to the contrary (while discounting both the limits of human knowledge and human perception) that might be said in an encounter people don't even known is going on, would be considered lies. But that's the thing in all this, there is no real way to know; but as things were left it is as if the expectation is "you have to" regardless of can or cannot under the circumstances...

So now with this, and other friends having realm transfered, gone to private services (a few are still left, but most are gone), one by one; it seems at times that the a**holes are the only people who ever have any form of staying power and stick around. But they're not the sorts which make it in the least bit fun. And the same goes for that person who kept /s and /yell their constant begging for money, then getting to me wouldn't take no for an answer; just like some spoiled little brat.

So not tellign them this, but rather to just go out and make some money (in some cases even having told some of these people how to make some); it can range from "you're such a meanie, I hate you You won't give me what I want, wah, wah, wah" to this one guy who keeps going on about how he can't do anything. And when I finally tell him that's because he's a lazy bum who refuses to get off his butt and do something", he's like "you don't talk to people like that. You're repoted to the GM".

And of course, whatever happened, Blizzard never contacted me. After the person kept demanding money through /s and /yell many dozens of times, telling the person they're being a lazy bum is probably one of the lest harsh things someone could have said, and probably what others would be thinking.

Hell this goes beyond just begging for money at times, and comes down to many people pretty much demanding everyone does everything for them, lives their life, takes charge of everything (hell a topic on this could go right into the political forum, as many leeches in society are just like this). And if someone does, instead of being grateful, they can walk around with a sense of entitlement, as if it's their due. And so yes, in general I don't tend to want to associate much with these sorts of people.

And yet in the midst of all of this; if Gilthanas should have come up as one among many, inadvertantly stepping into the role of one of these people; instead of recognizing that, I guess he assumes that my not jumping at the chance has to be personal, or about him; rather then it being I just don't want to be a doormat, putting up with this sort of thing I get from one such random person, after another. And yet no person in their right mind would put up with this stuff continually. But now I'm supposed to, so he might not take it the wrong way? I'm sorry, I can't; and that really is not personal, however it might be taken when someone won't just say "oh hey, it's me.
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