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Default Re: So it seems that UT3 & Crysis have'nt sold well....

Originally Posted by john19055
I just see PC games to keep going down in sales because of the Xbox360 and the PlayStation3 ,I mean games don't look bad on a Xbox360 and only the hardcore gamers are going to like the PC better because it does look better and sometimes play better ,But you can get a Xbox360 for around $400 and a good PC system cost a hell of a lot more.My daughter boyfriend brings over his Xbox 360 and I have to say it has a geat picture running in HD.Plus the past couple of months they put out a truck load of decent games out and I useally just buy a new game once a month and now I have to make my mind up which one I think is the best.I like Cysis but it reminds me of it don't play great at high settings even tho I can get it to play good enough .I did'nt even know half of the new games that even came out.I did'nt know URT had came out ,but it is more of a multiplayer game and I like First person.Right now I trying to make up my mind what will be my next game to get .I look for when the next consoles come out it will be hard to justify even buying a PC version,because if they come out with a Video chip that has PS4 and VS 4 and a high texture fill rate and you can't tell the difference between the console and PC game and with the console just $400 to $500 and just the video card for the PC being over $500,then I look for the PC games to just fade away .
Blah Blah Blah... Witcher sells 2 milions on 2 weeks... blah blah blah... PC games are not selling... blah blah blah... me doin sex with my xbox
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