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Default Re: Anyone running The Rift in LOTRO?

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
I just got the trial of this game. Played a few hours and got to level 6. It seems pretty nice so far. The graphics give the game some very beautiful scenes.

Meecrobli, Dwarf Champion, on Elendilmir
lol wait til u get Max lvl / traits/ done Barlog...

Most boring game ever sitting in Bree.. people are leaving this game in flocks.. just not enough content IMO..

I was in Beta.. I thought this would happen. so I cancelled my pre order.

Then bored needing an mmo bought it.. been playing 2 months .. now I'm done and bored, just as I thought.

When Warhammer and AoC comes out LOTRO will Die!
If your casual player may be ok for hr here and there, but LOTRO has nothing really to offer for the hardcore mmo'ers.

Guess I'll jsut cancel, and wait for Warhammer and AoC.
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