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Default Re: Crysis Screenshot Thread

Thanks einsten, that is exaktly what i meant. Sorry for confusing everything I just didn't find the right way to express it...

The supersample vegetation AA is working, but only when i have the pistols drawn for some strange reason.

This statement was said by James Wong on nVidia;

” Crysis handles foliage very differently from normal engines so TRMS/SS won't work. Bit of a shame really. The game has some built-in foliage AA, but it only kicks in in "Very high" quality mode.”"

Apparently it does work, and with a little impact on the performance. Witch i proven in my pictures and in my video. Using this supersample AA for the vegetation combined with the regular AA and a high resolution such as 1920x1440 or higher really gives a truly fantastic quality to the game, even tho its running at 5 - 10 fps on that resolution it looks amazing... And really make the game look like in my wallpapers witch were taken without SSAA but was downsized from like 4200x3000 to 1650x1080...
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