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Default Re: Sony HDR-SR7 HD Video Camera

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
FWIW, as far as small devices like still cameras, video cameras, mp3 players, and others go, I always tell my customers to stay away from Sony. Sony DVD players and TV's are fine, but everything else Sony just f*cks with in some way or another and they tend to favor these awkward software and hardware solutions over the industry norms.

For example, the industry norm in digital cameras is SD cards. Sony uses memory stick. Their mp3 players often don't have mass storage support, instead opting for this goofy software package that they claim is better. Little things like that which don't seem big initially, but if you ever make a hobby out of your camera or whatever, they can turn out to be a huge drawback.
With camcorders, they don't use their own formats. They are using the AVCHD format for their HD camcorders, which Canon, Panasonic, and everyone uses.
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