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Default Re: Crysis Screenshot Thread

Originally Posted by einstein_314
It took a while for me to understand him too. But I do now, and he's right. He has a CRT. What he's saying is that when he increases the resolution he plays at, because he has a CRT the picture as seen by him sitting in front of the CRT appears to become more and more detailed as the dot pitch effectively decreases. Less jaggies and the like. So for us with LCD's, the only way to really visualize this is to take a screenshot at whatever res he's runnign at, and downsize it to be physically the same size as his CRT. He basically gets supersampling AA on his CRT.

It's kindof a weird way of thinking about it, I surely never did. But it definately makes sense.
it isnt comparable tho. when u increase the resolution on a crt monitor your basically just rendering the scene with smaller pixels. when u downsize a pic all the extra pixels are used for sampling calculations and blending. so if u downsize a 1920x1440(2764800) pic to a 1280x960(1228800), you have 1536000 pixels to use for sampling and blending calculations. the quality wont be comparable.
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