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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

If anybody has FS9 aircraft that they use in FSX-SP2, there is an issue with VC visibility when its raining. Here is a nice utility that fixes this issue.

If you have been paying attention to any of the recent threads you are probably aware that SP2 has broken FS9 SDK created aircraft with respect to visibility out of the windscreen in the VC when it is raining. It will render the windscreen a solid blue \ turquoise color.

I believe we have a remedy in the form of a utility that we have created. When you run it, it will replace the affected FSX textures with new ones (No, not the FS9 ones, they are our own) and it will back up your existing FSX textures. Restoring those textures is as easy as clicking on the "restore" button.

It appears to restore visibility to FS9 > FSX aircraft and does not appear to harm the FSX SDK created aircraft in any way.

You may use it, upload it, include it, whatever... but all we ask is that you give us credit.

Now get back to flying your favorites again in FSX.


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