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Default Re: Bad FPS in BattleField 2 with 7900GT

Originally Posted by SlickRig
Bull crap, BF2 is an old game now and a P4 is plenty for it. My first gaming PC ever consisted of a intel p4 at 3ghz 2gb ram and an X850XT PE. Running BF2 at 1280X1024 with 4XAA and 16XAF without a single hitch and all options at max. I was picky about my frame rate with this game to so it had to be at 60fps or higher which I never had any problems attaining.
So why don't you give the OP some help then?

You just started gaming on a P4 with X850? Then how do you qualify this statement?
Originally Posted by SlickRig
DX10 is not the make it or break it for Vista as there are plenty of other features that I prefer with it over XP. In time DX10 will mature much as in the same way the transition from DX8 to DX9 took place.

Honestly, it doesn't seem like many of you were around back in those days because if you had been then you would not be in such shock as to why there is not a sudden jump from DX9 to DX10.
Looks like you weren't around back in them days.
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