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Default Re: I am getting so tired of pests online

Impossible. He believes I hate him and want nothing to do with him, and so if around, outside times where he might come by unawares, perhaps trying havign tried to get back together? on some alt while having delted or whatever his main many months back... But what he doesn't get is, "it isn't that I suddenly decided I want nothing to do with you; I just simply never recognized you, and you appeared; and if you have come to me as such continue to appear to be someone else". If he'd just let me know it's him... I got a feeling that until he pieces it together, and can understand how he can be unrecognizeable over the Internet as such; such is how things will remain, with him believing he's doing what I want, regardless of whatever might be.

I don't know. That's a sh**y way to lose a friend, especially a good friend; while one isn't even supposed to know who they are speaking to/who dropped in their path, mistaken as someone entirely different. I tend to be careful about these sorts of things (and had been with him); telling them "oh hey, it's so and so". I change a phone number or whatever, call someone up, same deal. When I called my Tai Chi teacher, and several times getting no answer (didn't call back quite so soon after thinking perhaps she's busy, and the jr. of them is a lawyer by profession, so...); she answered and was like "hello! Who is this?"

I didn't take it personally or badly at all. Hell I had moved within the past few months. And to get DSL installed in the new place, before it was disconnected from the old, it meant getting phone service in the new place before I moved (the 10 day installation window). I just said "oh hey, it's so and so. Remember how I told you I was moving. I thought I gave you my new number already?" It was like "oh", and we chatted some.

But as to these beggers. I dunno... After having lost so much af my life and the life of my family has fallen apart, I really don't feel like having to be on call to the whims of ever lil lazy individual who simply doesn't want to do anything for themself. But instead acts like they're "royalty" or whatever, and everyone in this world is their personal servant. Do some of these people even know what's it's like to get hit up with some real hard times? Which isn't anything along the lines of "but I can't buy that sword if you don't give me 100 gold. You're such a meanie, and now I'll have to have a sucky weapon, all because of you".

Mind you, I'm in the processo of gearing some guys up, my now 70 rogue still needs his flying mount, so he can get kara attuned for another guild (actually my old one that's trying to organize kara runs), and my now 63 warrior can't afford his epic land mount just yet. But oh noes, it's like some figure every 70 must be rollign in dough, and everyone's reason to exist is to revolve around and cater to their every whim. Have all this happen, lose a good friend in such messed up circumstances as he believes I just don't like him anymore, throw in some of the realities of life in a much more difficult position then many of these people might even have a grasp of, and....

Hell, against this "I don't want to ever have to do anything for myself, it's your obligation to give me my every want" many of these beggers seem to project; is my father who after the stroke struggles to try to retain some ability at self reliance, against the back drop of what he can't do. Against this, is a guy who wants to stay where he is (though he can't take care of himself), and a mother who with her own medical problems, has decided to move down to NJ to live with my sister.

And yet him, not wanting to go, doesn't quite understand what the doctor is trying to tell him. He can't take care of himself, so if he doesn't go with her, someone is going to eventually contact the state, the authorities will intervene and forcibly remove him from the home, forcing him to live in a state run nursing home, with perhaps no one to visit him anymore. And yet with all of this, I'm supposed to care about some people who refuse to lift a finger to do anything for themself; thinking it the world's obligation to simply give and do it all for them. I'm just getting to care less and less, about what many times can be these sorts of "little princess games", and simply cow toeing to it, simply because some possibly spoiled individuals have come to expect it from all those around them.

It's beyond unfortunate that I mistoke Gilthanas for one of these people... But there it is. It's those types of gold diggers, that especially with all I've had to face in life over the past 1+ years that can really get to urg me. And the same goes for people like Paris Hilton, who can go around acting as if everyone is their play thing, and get in trouble with the law; coped a bought of "rich bi*** ites" as one comedian put it, to get herself released from jail. And having to go back, cried "but mommy, it's not fair". And to think, this is the sort of roll model many look up to, in essentially going around, and treating those around them in much the same way.
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