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Default Re: Bad FPS in BattleField 2 with 7900GT

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
So why don't you give the OP some help then?
If I had a solution to his problem I would. I was simply stating that a 3ghz or faster P4 is plenty for BF2. Dont get your little panties in a wad just because I dont agree with you.

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
You just started gaming on a P4 with X850? Then how do you qualify this statement?

Looks like you weren't around back in them days.
Ok I obviously should have been more specific. First gaming PC that I ever built myself consisted of the P4 and X850XT PE. The others before that were (DELL) Gforce 2, 8500pro, Gforce 4 and my last prebuilt had a 9800pro in it. So yeah, I was definitely around in those days and remember it quite well.

Smart ass.
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