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Default Re: Crysis Screenshot Thread

m3dude, you do sort of get an AA/blending going if you exceed the capabilities of your CRT (generaly crt's will run at resolutions that have more pixles then they do RBG elements). Also the size of the CRT may help too. Running high resolutions on a 15 and 17inch crt make the pixles so small to your eye, that they get natural blended by your brain. The shot would be comparitive because as the blurb above stated, MS/SS dosnt work on foliage (for the most part..i know it didn't work for me) however with a high enough resolution + the blur of the crt, you could effectivly blend the edges like you can in the editor.

Its not a BAD was for obtaining free AA. I know on need for speed underground 1/2, high resolution was good, AF was a must or the road looked like ass ahead of you, and AA helped with things like fences and guard rails, but my system couldnt do all 3. So I pumped up the resolution and AF, and let my CRT screen blend the small pixles. It gave me more detail then a lower resolution with AA.

Still dosnt stop the fact that IMO lcd > crt in pretty much every way. Colors, crispness, Size, power use, heat generation... I dont miss my crt monitors at all.
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