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Default Re: Crysis Screenshot Thread

Originally Posted by m3dude
ive had plenty of crts, i know exactly how they work. it isnt comparable

Ok, here we go. M3's downsized picture using e_screenshot 1 versus my ingame screenshot taken at veryhigh settings with 8xAA and supersample AA on the vegetation in 2058x1536 resolution and downsized to the same resolution as m3's downsized picture (1680x1050) actually it looks better on my monitor because its compared to a downsizing to 1280x960 but what the heck here comes the pics; - m3's e_screenshot 1 pic - My ingame picture w/ SSAA

The difference is very small, almost none... Only the shadows/shaders are different that may be due to it was taken via e_screenshot 1 or maybe he had different settings idk... Anyway YES they ARE comparable!

Well there's the proof, i may take a picture of my screen tomorrow with my digital camera when i play in 2058x1536 for you to see. But i am worried about the quality gonna suck, my camera aint the best, 4 megapixel samsung and old

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