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Default Re: Crysis Screenshot Thread

Originally Posted by m3dude
man u rly have no clue. yes using 8x supersample aa AND downsizing the picture will get u close to an editor shot IN SOME respects. however that doesnt rly change anything. downsizing a picture is not comparable at all to you playing at whatever resolution on your crt. btw what model crt do you have?
Haha you just speak and speak without any profs or compare pictures... I get so close as there is hard to tell any difference mate, visit me and watch when i play at 2080x1536 with supersample AA and you will see for yourself. The compare pictures i just posted shows exaktly what i mean. In fact it looks even a little better than that because those where downsized just to 1680, not to 1280x.. It DOES look like the downsized ones, ive compared several time on my own... Ive proven you wrong so many times now i cant count. And you keep saying its not possible and that i am a damn liar about the pistolAa thing etc, you didn't even watched my damn raw fraps video i made.. Youre just a damn waste.

I have a Samsung syncmaster 957p baby - highlight zone II FTW!!!!!!!!

I think am gonna connect a second monitor to my computer and open a downsized picture and have it on then fire up crysis and compare side by side.. it will be a bit hard to compare to a motionless picutre but it will look very much the same, only better cuz its in motion... You are so busted on this man, maybe i should kidnap your sorry ass and bring you here and show you so you can see for yourself lol. U cant compare your lousy LCD to my fine crt... I crank up the res and get stunning visuals, youre maybe to behind to understand that.

Edit; ive done enought for tonight... tomorrow am gonna prepare some things for christmas. Lets see what we can do tomorrow to this m3 guy............................................
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