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Default Re: End it the end for some?

Dva, the game only starts at 70. Actually its kinda sad, 1-60 is now a PITA solo fest cause the population is just to thin. Pre BC, the game didnt have a whole lot to do once you hit 60. You could raid sometimes, but there wasnt much to do outside of that, so leveling alts was a popular thing. Now when people hit 70, the game dosnt stop there. not only do you have raids, but you have heroics, you have a plethora of factions to level up in and obtain rewards from. You have tradeskills that can only be obtained from camping. You have dalies to do and when you finally make enough cash, an epic flying mount to buy. And there is a ton of PVP options to play with now.

These days getting to 70 is the rush, and then the real game starts.
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