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Default Re: Anyone running The Rift in LOTRO?

If you want PvP, then yes WOW is the game for you (or at least not LOTRO). LOTRO's PvP was tagged on at the last minute and I hope the devs regret it as much as I do. Seriously, if they removed it the game would be better off.

Have to disagree on the "not enough endgame content" bit though. There are plently of areas to explore from quick 1 hour instances (BG) to the week long Rift (or Hele .... if you want to burn through time and deaths for little reward .... but that is another discussion). CD, Uru, Annuminas instances .... point is there is alot to do and yeah they involve doing them with friends. Nearly bi-monthly updates and expansions don't hurt either.
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