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Default Re: BG's..they scare me!

I don't know what battle group you're in, but if you're horde, you needn't fear if it's anything like bloodlust, lol AV since 2.3 has gone so pathetically bad for alliance, it isn't even funny. And yesterday it got infinitely worse, with the alli miserably getting wiped out within 30 secs of the match beginning, just riding down on mounts. They didn't even get down to the first GY before galv, before everyone who wasn't AFK was all dead, and back up in the cave. They were forced into defensive 100% almost from the moment the gates opened, shut out of anything, 0 bonus honor, and walked out of the BG with a pidling 12 honor in total or so.

On the other hand, the horde had 600+ bonus honor, and this happened over multiple games without exception. The end effect of this, the alliance in that battlegroup at least has all but given up on AV post 2.3, and apperently the horde are complaining about 2 hour AV queues, as the games won't pop fast enough. Since yesterday, increasing numbers of ali are saying it isn't even worthwhile to bother queueing the BG anymore, and EotS or AB will give way more honor for killing horde; so why try. Yesterday totally killed from many it seems any sense of morale which was left post 2.3 up till then, with many skipping the daily PvP quest today because it's AV. Watch the queues get way longer horde side, as increasing number of alliance have absolutely no morale left, to even try; before Bliz is left wondering what to do, with increasing horde complaining they can't AV anymore for long periods of time.

For you the situation is much easier... Don't worry about it too much. You don't have to zerg every alliance guy to get honor. Just focus on the objectives of the BG, and try to pull together as a team (again seems easier for horde); and you'll get a lil honor along the way.
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