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Default Re: BG's..they scare me!

I went in to WSG last night with my recently respecced Warrior. I went with a Mortal Strike build. He is normally a deep Prot build. I got my butt handed to me many times. My DPS/PvP gear sucks and I don't have the patience to build it up to be competitive. We won.

I then took my Feral in there and proceeded to own. I got one cap and was heading up our ramp to cap another, but a fire Mage's Ignite got me and drained me down. We won anyways.

I only played those 2 games, but I have determined to keep the Warrior as a tank and use my Feral for PvP and PvE DPS. I'm just more of a natural at Feral Druids than I am a PvP Warrior. I hate stance dancing, but shifting is like second nature to me, go figure.

For the freakin Horde bitches!
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