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Default Re: BG's..they scare me!

It's not very easy as a shadow priest in BG's, while we can DoT people down, smart groups keep plenty of dispellers around to handle my DoT's/Debuffs. If they don't I can eat most of them up with DoT's & MB/SW: D. I've found SW: D to be very handy at ensuring someone is killed quickly (before they get heals etc). Sometimes I will save it for when groups assault and the raid focuses DPS on a horde whom which then receives heals from his group, <20% health here comes SW: D in most cases.

Alliance do seem to suck for BG's, but at the same time I've been in BG's where the Horde played extremely noobish. It really does vary, I think there's also a lot more noobs in BG's simply because they can buy S1 arena gear with their they are just simply grinding it...
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