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Default Samsung TV in 100hz


I have bough an LE40M87BDX TV, when I get in the normal TV signal the picture show a much smoother movements, but when I turn over to my PC, from DVI to HDMI and playing an 8 GB mkv file and 720p quality it doesnt show smooth at all show great picture but not smooth. And its using Combined-Community-Codec-Pack-2007-02-22 which has some inbuild accelerators for better picture.

I am almost sure that its because it needs to run in 100 hz like the feature says :

translated from
"LCD Hz treats steady portraits known speedier movements. The new engineering LCD Hz belabour the signal to give a portrait by bleed movements , there no pick. TO sportsudsendelser and actionscener by speedier movements unmarking you the difference!"

I have a Geforce 8800 GTX so graphics card shouldnt be the problem.
In windows vista the hz shows max 60hz.

does anyone know how to get the movies play from the computer smoother or know how to get a tv into 100 hz mode ?
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