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Default Re: Crysis *NOT* optimized for Multi-Core, yet?

Originally Posted by SH0DAN
Normally I would agree with this,except I own and play games that make better use of my quadcore even at 1920x1200 (Bioshock,SC,Strangehold)
This tells me Crysis is not coded as well.

So because a game needs more power from ur cores it's coded better? A well-coded game will be efficient with the power it is given and not use more then it has to on the tasks it is given. It stands to reason then that Crytek did do a good job coding the engine making things like physics, AI, sound etc. highly efficient processes.

Considering the level of visual detail presented in Crysis the limitations would be more on the GPU then the CPU. As the guy said from Crytek the tests reporting usage so far are not really stressing the processes being run on the CPU. I think the real hang-up is on graphics not on general processing.
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